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About Terry Kohl, President

Terry Kohl is the president of Media Management Marketing. She is an automotive journalist, marketing and career coach and the author of Lost Your Job? Now What! She writes “What if”, a monthly newsletter targeted to the automotive community that focuses on the power of the mind—the best tool you can have in your toolbox!

Welcome to the never boring world of Public Relations where anything is possible! And what exactly is Public Relations? PR is all about you, your product or your service and how the rest of the world gets to know you.

Consistent exposure to your market through press releases, interviews and articles can dramatically increase your sales, expose your company in a professional light to your customers, and greatly enhance the image of your business, products and services. PR is a piece of the branding puzzle; a vital piece that adds strong validation to your company.

Often, advertising is confused with PR and marketing. There is a difference. While advertising controls the message, PR creates the credibility. Your customers are more likely to trust independent authorities—columnists, reporters and editors over an advertisement. Without a doubt, it is these same authorities that are directly influenced by a well-written press release or interview and will add it to their publications or media outlets. Often, a story or editorial piece will come about as a result of a good press release, adding even more free publicity.

Media Management Marketing is extraordinarily different from other PR firms. We believe the real secret to success is combining the Spiritual with the material. Spiritual Marketing is a technique often overlooked in the business community. Please see our Spiritual Marketing page for  information.

Media Management Marketing is highly respected in the automotive industry, and we represent both small and large companies. We are capable of garnering extensive exposure through articles, editorials, press and product releases, and radio and television interviews. We are adept at researching markets, which can lead to unique, added value advertising opportunities for our clients. We offer an initial consultation at no charge to help you evaluate your needs.

Media Management Marketing is a SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) member.